by Redhorse

          The 3rd Annual Invitational Benefit Trailride & Wagon Train for the 4th U. S. Cavalry, Co. G began a day early this year; much to the pleasure of the guests.  This new schedule allowed everyone to arrive on Thursday, May 3, and get their camp set up. 

          Over thirty (30) riders and wagoneers participated in the ride. The trails and ranch roads had been trimmed and made passable by the Cavalry members on several excursions prior to the gathering.

          Brenda Chambliss prepared some delicious stew for Thursday night and we could hear the last ones through the line scraping the bottom of the pot! Juanita Brooks recruited Jeanne Kennon, Misty Valdez and this writer for the Breakfast Brigades on Friday and Saturday.  It was a maneuver declared rather than requested! LOL

        Friday night was Potluck and several tables of food! Some of my favorites were there; Juanita's deviled eggs and monster coffee urn, Richard Chambliss pork and deer sausage & Bob Kimberlin's red beans!  There was boiled cabbage, coolwhip fruit salad, 8 bean stew, cakes, brownies, cobblers and more! A proven fact is that if there is a Potluck Supper, anywhere, they will come! Bob also sent two banana nut cakes that disappeared (and coffee too) during the parlor games! 

          Saturday night's meal was catered by the Windmill Cafe in Bronte, thanks to the Cavalry.  Cavalry wives, Gina McCutchin and Brenda Chambliss helped their husbands serve the meal. There were pork chops and meatloaf with all the trimmings. The auction of donated items began before the last plate of food was gone.  Antique cast iron and household items were bought, new and used tack and even lawn chairs were sold. High bid was by Misty Valdez for a good lawn chair that rests in the writer's trailer! Thanks! Pete Deanda bought my other chair and probably already has the side table fixed! 

        Wagons were included this year and Juanita Brooks and Jeanne Kennon and their teams were there. They rolled through the ranch on and off road! Nothing stops these Ladies! Riders enjoyed the varied terrain of dry creeks, ravines, wide grasslands and hills too. Feral hogs, deer and other wildlife were spotted.  Misty Valdez took top honors with two full buck skulls (8 & 10 pts.) along with a bag full of dropped horns and even a whole turtle shell. 

          Riders rode out twice on Friday and Saturday. Those that remained in camp introduced others (Larry Reich) to the popular game of Mexican Train.  Larry didn't have time to read the rule book and thinks he had fun!!

           Roy Robb & Jeanne Kennon conducted the Sunday Church Service before a few riders rode out.  Jeanne's message was "Love" as she displayed a large "L". She had us give her a word we could think of with "L" and she would use it in a sentence associated with love. Many words were given; loyal, like, look, listen, learn etc. and then she opened the folded "L" to reveal a large cross.  

          When asked his thoughts on this ride, Trail Boss Roy Robb (grease on the wheel), offered the following:  

     "The Ft. Chadbourne Cavalry is very appreciative to the all the people for joining us on this our 3rd Annual Ft. Chadbourne Cavalry Trail Ride.  We would also thank Garland and Lana Richards, the owners of Ft. Chadbourne and the Church Peak area of our trail ride on the Chadbourne Ranch, for their willingness to allow us the opportunity to have friends gather and ride their beautiful country.  Our sincere appreciation to the ladies who thought of things that men simply do not think of. 
     The Cavalry members were thinking that we would get up have a cup of coffee and maybe a couple of cookies and go riding.  But, we were mistaken as a small group of women consisting of Juanita Brooks, Peggie Kimberlin, Misty Valdez, and Jeanne Kennon told us that we were going to have breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning before the ride.  Thank you Ladies so very much.  Just goes to show you that the West could not have been won without the frontier woman. 
     A very special thank you to everyone for the fun, fellowship, and positive attitudes shown in camp, on the trail and with each other.  To me, as we make trail rides and enjoy each other and our animals this trail ride truly takes one back to the way it just might have been a hundred or so years ago.  We even ran out of water for our animals and Richard Chambliss and Larry McMurtry made a midnight run and got Garland Richards out of bed to fill our water barrel whereby we would have water for horses and mules the next morning. 
     As we closed our weekend together with a brief scripture and words it was impossible not to feel God amongst us and Loving each of us as we had come to love our fellow riders and helpers. The Cavalry cleared about $1,500 dollars after all bills were paid.  This will go a long way to helping us in this coming year.  Thanks to each person again, I truly appreciate each of you and hope we will see everyone next year."

Roy Robb



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