October 11 - 13, 2009 

by Redhorse

The second annual TXNUMX Rough Riders Fall Ride at the LBJ Grasslands was during the monsoon season of North Texas this year.  While the trails and campsites were muddy, they all were manageable and usable.  The chilly and damp weather made it great for our daylong campfire and everybody did their share of gathering or chopping wood. Battle cry of the day was, “Burn the bitch”! 

Misty and Brian Valdez with daughter Megan from Clovis, NM, arrived late on Wednesday night along with Ed Moore from Ralls, TX during heavy fog.  Terry and Ann Brock with daughter Hannah arrived early the next evening from Bertram, TX and yours truly pulled into camp a couple of hours later.  Mark "Hippy" Morton had already stashed some firewood for the group a couple of days earlier and joined the camp on Friday.  Christina Miller and her sons Tye and Jake arrived Saturday evening after one of her traditional flat tire experiences enroute from the Austin area. Lisa Carto arrived from Shreveport, LA on Thursday, and her husband Lee arrived on Sunday.

Outstanding meals rolled out from early morning to evening. Ed and Misty were usually at the grill early with Ann and Terry bringing in platters from their rig with eggs and potatoes.  Terry manned the bacon wok as usual.  Lisa brought homemade, hand picked, blueberry muffins. Christina brought the best tortilla soup this side of the Rio Grande!

            Hippy brought his new stocking legged mule and rode him on the trails for the first time.  Thanks to some ponying by Terry Brock, it was a smooth ride. The first annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Benefit Trailride was held on Saturday and many riders were on hand.  They announced that they had raised $45,000.

             We had some great lie swapping around the campfire and some unchartered drinks were developed during our soggy weekend!  We had a great time getting together again and sharing the trails.  We never let the truth stand in the way of a good story!











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