by Redhorse

          Malcolm Otto's spring trailride was held March 17-19 at his ranch on the Llano River. Over 300 trailriders attended; including Karen, a young lady from Germany.  A couple of wagons and the usual hay wagons for horse-less participants rolled along as riders ranged off in the distance.  The recent rains spurred wildflowers like the Bluebonnets, Indian Paint Brush and vast carpets of grass to cover the area.  Overcast skies in the morning gave way to gentle breezes and bright sunshine in the afternoon. 

          The meals were tasty and the crew served them up swiftly so that the lines of hungry cowboys and gals moved along.   Trail photographer Eric Seeger, filming from strategic locations, offers a video of the ride for sale.  The dance Saturday night was held under the clear skies and bright Texas stars as the live band kept the spurs jingling. The crowd cheered to the announcement that Malcomb's 74th birthday was the next day.  A special surprise for him was the birthday card signed by many friends; the most important person among the signatures being his dearest loving wife, Fern.



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