4th U. S. Cavalry, Co. G - FORT CHADBOURNE, Bronte, Texas


April 19 – 21, 2013


Lee Ranch, Bronte, TX


A few rigs started pulling in at the Lee Ranch on Thursday, followed by more rigs on Friday, for the 2nd Annual Invitational Benefit trailride.  The Lee Ranch is owned by Jerry Lee and Ranch Foreman is Roger Graves.  Everyone appreciated the opportunity to enjoy Jerry’s hospitality and Roger’s assistance. (Seems Roy Robb, Sergeant, found the only mud pond on the whole ranch to get stuck!) The facilities are impressive and include a large Saloon with full industrial sized kitchen, restrooms and abundant tables & chairs and dance floor.  A professional rodeo arena with covered seating, covered stalls and several other operations buildings greet visitors. There were plenty of electrical hookups to accommodate everyone.

There were some exciting “42” games in the Saloon during the day on Friday!  The way this writer recalls it, I was on the winning team! Later, everyone gathered there for the covered dish potluck supper with Gina McCutchen’s famous stew & cornbread taking the lead. A Mexican Train game broke out in Gwen Kinney’s motorhome following supper along with a campfire and some guitar music nearby. 

The ride on Saturday was overcast with occasional gusty winds and made for a good ride. Some whitetail deer, armadillos and rattlers were among the wildlife seen. Riders returned to camp for a late lunch and as gustier winds arrived, Doddie Drake, conducted a brief clinic in a calm area on Clinton Anderson principles.  She offered solutions to several questions from the riders and exhibited how to get your horse to lay down with her horse, Sydney. Doddie is the daughter of Cavalry member Richard Chambliss, 1st Sergeant. The Mexican Train game continued in the Saloon and riders headed off for showers later for the BBQ dinner and dance that evening.

The wives of the Cavalry members volunteered to prepare the tasty BBQ and did a fantastic job!  Brisket, sausage, potato salad, beans, cornbread, tea & cobblers were laid out the length of the bar in the Saloon.  Plates were filled; more than once by some!

The band provided some classic country dance music and popular hits of today.  Richard Chambliss joined the band in a few songs. 

The auction that had been planned had a large selection of donated items by the trailriders. With limited bidders, Lorrie Phillips volunteered to take the items for a silent auction at a larger event and “get more bang for the buck”.  Thanks Lorrie!

Roy Robb and Bobby Blalock gave a short Sunday sermon and then riders rode out for a few hours.  The ride included a small group picture with the ranch sign.  The ride primarily went along and in a creek running on the north side of the ranch.  It was a good ride with interesting obstacles.  After the ride, everyone broke camp and headed out to their homes.

Thanks goes out to Jerry Lee, Roger Graves, the Cavalry members and their wives, Doddie Drake, and all the trailriders for making this a memorable and beneficial ride for the 4th US Cavalry, Co. G!  Next year plans will include an additional day of riding and other perks. 



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