Bois D Arc Trailhead ~ Caddo Grasslands

Honey Grove ~ Bonham, Texas

Spring Trail Ride

May 19 - 20, 2012

by Redhorse

     Linda Deas was the President of the Caddo Trail Riders Association when I arrived at their Spring ride and Phil Haley was the President when I left!  Now that is a club that is active!

      This was my first trip to a CTRA ride and it was even better than I've heard for years.  They had two work weekends prior to this ride, and their work was obvious.  They had removed "Hippy" sized tree stumps and filled the craters left behind. They excavated the pavilion area; adding a gravel surface to allow for drainage. They also added pole and chain parking in front of the pavilion. There are water sites at all campsites and new paint on gates and fencing. Trailer pads and camping areas were leveled and reinforced. Lots of downed trees and limbs were removed making the whole site uniform.  To fully appreciate the work done, you would have to see "before" pictures.

      Some of the amenities that make this such an equestrian friendly trailhead are: 25 campsites with metal picnic tables, metal fire rings, picket lines with pipe dividers, water hookups & gravel trailer pads at each site. There is a nice covered pavilion with tables & buffet bar. There is a nice wash rack & and restrooms near the pavilion.  A canopy of beautiful trees covers the entire campground.

      The trails are well marked and beautiful.  It was about 90% shaded riding both days.  We rode trails 2, 3 & 4 and there were a couple of water crossings and some alternate loops for periods following heavy rain.  There were some areas where the trails open up into pasture; otherwise, they are mostly one-horse wide.   As you can see from the GPS maps (coming soon) in this article, much of the trails are near the Coffee Mill Lake.  The breezes off the lake sure added smiles to all cheeks! 

      During the two days of riding there were about 100 fallen trees on the trails. All were easy to step over and in some areas brush was down and alternate side trails established.  There were a lot of dips in the trails with only a few deep ones; all manageable.

       Friday evening around two dozen riders headed to the House Grocery & Cafe in Sash, TX for some delicious catfish. This is a tradition and a well guarded secret location.  Everything you expect from crispy hush puppies, coleslaw and perfectly cooked catfish! Top that off with homemade pies and you've got yourself a dandy meal.

      Saturday evening a pot luck supper filled the buffet bar with every dish you could imagine.  Dutch oven cooking all the way to mouth watering Deviled Eggs!  The CTRA club meeting was held with the park ranger speaking to the gathering and election of the new President.  Outgoing President, Linda Deas passed the "branding iron" to the new President Phil Haley along with her gratitude to Club members for helping making her term in office productive and enjoyable. Club memberships were renewed and new ones established.  The Auction that followed included tack, fly sprays, household items and even a mounted port-a-potty!  The proceeds netted the club $2,700.

       Some CTRA members that were at the ride were the new President Phil Haley and First Lady Cyndee, Danny & Linda Smith, Kathy & Rickey Coonrod, Carolyn Stone, Dewey Haney, Tonya & Grover Russell and Tina & Jimmy Moore.  Bob Payne from Miami, Oklahoma joined the group and folks enjoyed the mutual admiration between he and Linda Deas! They sure make a handsome couple.

       As a new member of CTRA, I strongly urge you to go ride with these folks and discover an outstanding equestrian campground with trails anyone could enjoy and scenery designed by God.   

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