by Redhorse


The BTBB (Burn-The-Bitch-Bunch) trailered into the Grasslands on Thursday, Oct. 21 for a Trailriding Rendezvous’.  Over a dozen cowboys & cowgirls camped out and rode for five great days.  Keeping camp hopping were Terry, Ann, Hannah and Aaron Brock, Joe & Jana Marsden, Redhorse, Misty & Megan Valdez, Mark “Hippy” Morton, Patrick Murphy and Darrell 1 & Darrell 2 (hunting friends of Hippy). 

Some riders wore flourescent colors since bow hunting for deer is in progress at the Grasslands.

The fall colors were already showing and should be vibrant in the next couple of weeks at the Grasslands.  The blood red sumac bushes really stand out and the native grasslands are reaching for the sky.  The combination of possible reduced grazing and timely rains have created beautiful flowing grasses as well as some riding hazards.  The deep trail ruts are hidden by the tall grasses in many areas and causing some sudden "saddle hugging". The rains on Saturday just made the trails outstanding for Sunday & Monday!  Hannah and Megan took turns leading the riders on different trails. 

Joe Marsden, the builder of the disc cooker that Terry & Ann have been keeping hot for years, was there.  If it’s delicious and passes through your lips, it can be cooked on this disc.  I am now the proud owner of one and call it my “Cowgirl Citchen”.  Bob will tell you I don’t do that much cooking, but I never had my own Cowgirl Citchen! As usual, meals were often and great!  We enjoyed supper at Cowboy Camp, a popular local restaurant, one evening.

                The deer are enjoying a bumber crop of acorns in the Grasslands this year and so were the "Saddle Assassins"!  Damages were minimal until we discovered the loaded pecan trees!  You can’t trust any member of BTBB out on the trail; everyone knows where the acorn & pecan armories are!  If you see a horse and rider stationary on the other side of a tree, you can bet they are reloading!  Luckily, no prisoners were taken.  Next time I'm loading with persimmons!

                Misty, Megan & Brian Valdez moved from Clovis, NM in late summer, and have a trailrider’s dream home with acreage that connects to the great LBJ National Grasslands trails.  The BTBB have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to visit the Valdez new home & we got the Grand Tour during the Rendezvous’.  The Santa Fe’ style home, with entertainment & sports bar patio, is surrounded by acres of coastal grass, a lighted arena, large equipment barn and several loafing sheds.  We congratulate them on their beautiful new home.

                Of course, at the Grasslands, the fall camping is about as good as it gets and sharing the trails with friends makes it great! 



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