by Redhorse


We gathered at the TADRA campgrounds at the LBJ National Grasslands on Thursday afternoon, October 11, 2012.  Miss T joined Misty, Sheila and Redhorse in camp and visited that evening.  She delivered the Trivia sheets and registration supplies.  We visited with Misty’s neighbors from Duncan, OK. They are mule folks and spoke highly of a mule man in Krum.


Friday morning Misty had to make an official visit to the Forest Services offices.  She returned after her conference, and we prepared to mark the trails.  The pipe cleaner ties proved to be good and easy to apply.  About 2/3 of the ride, Sheila’s horse began tying up.  He was extremely dehydrated and uncomfortable.  Misty finished marking the trails, and we all returned to camp.  Discussion with Sheila’s vet directed us to inject 10cc of banamine and provide electrolytes with water but no hay/grain. Tony recovered and Saturday they went home.


Misty provided great chili & cornbread that evening. Bryan and Megan joined us for chili and a campfire along with Miss T and others. It had been a long day and we were all ready to turn in early.


Bryan and Megan were in camp early Saturday morning and everyone was hustling around unloading tables, chairs, auction items and getting ready for registration to begin at 8:00 AM.  About 40 riders signed up and riders that just happened by signed up for the ride and Poker hands.  Miss T and  her husband, Doug, rode with the riders and had a great time.  They, the students and student families will be able to organize and set out the trails in the future. Around 2:30, the last of the riders were coming in.  Everyone bragged on the trail markers and Trivia signs. 


Following the ride, all participants were served BBQ brisket sandwiches with chips, drinks & cookies after dismounting and securing their animals. 


Miss T won the Poker game with three (3) Kings! She opted to split the $165 pot with a young man that had the next best hand.


Josh volunteered to go back out and collect all the ribbons and signs. He was joined on the trail by another young man.  Misty especially appreciated that gesture as she usually got stuck with that chore.  The young men came in with all but 4 of the ribbons about 3 hours later; a job well done.


The auction had a lot of action.  Being “seasoned” auction participants, Misty & Redhorse got a little over zealous over the same item. Some people just don’t know how to give up!  Some good items moved on and some went back to the donor.  There were a lot of $80 bids! 


Following the auction, Miss T announced that the Forestburg FFA 3rd Annual Poker Run Trail Ride had netted $2,160. 


To celebrate the safe and successful day, a Forestburg Drill Team provided an outstanding dinner Saturday evening.  If their drills are anything like their precision cooking, they must be awesome.  They laid out enough food to feed a couple of football teams; pork chops, chicken legs, corn on the cob, squash, potatoes & cobblers! 


It rained about midnight and the horses were put in the trailers for a couple of hours due to lightening nearby.  A vehicle with a couple playing Bingo had pulled under the trees near the horse pens.  All parties agreed they should re-locate; which they did.