March 11 – 19, 2011

by Redhorse


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The Valdez family; Brian, Misty & Megan, hosted the 2011 Spring

Break Trailride at their R3 Ranch in Alvord, TX. The Ranch borders the LBJ National Grasslands with unlimited access

to scenic and diversified trails! Riders and friends from Alvord, Ralls, Bertram, Ponder, Flower Mound, Haslett, Granger, Liberty Hill, & Killeen, Texas and Durant, Oklahoma shared in the fun. It’s amazing how things can change in a year; Misty and her family lived in Clovis, NM when we enjoyed Spring Break 2010 at the Grasslands!


There was ample space for everyone to park their rigs with electricity and water available.  With the stalls, turnout pens and arena, all the livestock were contained safely. Daisy and I enjoyed our camp spot and Luke especially enjoyed his stall.


The trails have every kind of terrain and  adventure you could want. “WRANGLER!”  We rode through large Pine  thickets. “WRANGLER!”  There were also massive meadows of belly-high natural grasses. “WRANGLER!” Stock tanks were plentiful. “WRANGLER!”  The dogs that joined us loved the ponds.  “WRANGLER!”


Riders ventured to the highest point in Wise County and located the Geological Survey marker. Reconnaissance efforts by Misty & Hippy located and retrieved abandoned tents.


Out of all the great foods everyone ate, a couple of new ones came out. Ed & Sandy’s Jezebel Dip and Faux Home Grown Green Beans! (See recipes below.) Thankfully, Terry and Ann Brock went by their favorite German bakery and brought loaves of the Sweet Bread.  Talk about delicious French Toast! Another discovery for the "starving" riders was the outstanding Sopapilla Cheese Cake (click for recipe) made at the KT Cafe in Alvord! The $15 cake weighed about 15 pounds; that's not but a dollar a pound!


The younger riding gang; much like the Younger Gang of the 1800’s, except for killing & bank robbing, had lots to keep them entertained.  When Austin Robertson wasn’t fine tuning or shooting his compound bow with his Uncle Brian, he was catching catfish at the pond.  Austin also made a good hand helping Terry clean the Cowboy Wok.  Taylor Green and Megan share agriculture

interests with raising pigs and it required lots of trips to the Ag barn.  When Megan, Hannah, Taylor and Austin got together, the Mule six-wheeler made a loop on the ranch in near NASCAR times! As Austin says, “It just takes a little dirt to have fun”.


The non-riding hours were spent playing Mexican Train dominos (Austin had a good saying for this game too: "It's a sad day when....", seems I've forgotten the rest!), snacking, listening to Hannah entertain us with her guitar, watching Megan & Hannah dancing to Wii, or eating.  While Sheila Atkins was providing an assortment of rules she created for Mexican Train, her husband, Carl provided an aluminum boat for the Ranch pond. Terry, Tim and Redhorse actually played "Moon" dominos! For this player, it has been at least 10 years since running into anyone that played & we did it with my new dominos; thanks Bob!


If Ed & Sandy Moore are around, you can bet there is going to be some casino gambling.  You can also bet you’ll lose! We’re considering putting the game camera on him to see how he does it.  (Brian and Austin captured themselves and four does on the camera in the back pastures of the R3 Ranch.)    


Of course, there were several trips to AGvantage Supply (click for website); a trailriders one-stop shopping paradise in Decatur!, Home Depot, & Mays RV for trailer modifications on Tim & Maria Tomlinson’s trailer; head architect was Terry Brock. In just a couple of days, they upgraded the trailer from an overnighter to a vacation special!


Future rides discussed by the gang were Pole Canyon Ranch, Quitaque, TX, Resumidero, Coyote, NM, and Broken Arrow Horse Camp, Custer, SD.


Special THANKS goes to Brian & Misty  for sharing their hospitality & beautiful R3 Ranch with us! 




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Ed & Sandy Jezebel Dip


18 oz. ea. Apricot, Pineapple & Apple preserves

5 oz. Prepared Horse Radish (in refrigerated section)

1 oz. Dry Mustard


Mix well in glass bowl. Serve over Philadelphia Crème Cheese. Chips or crackers.


First taste will be tart; mellows after refrigeration. It’s sooooooo yummy!





3 – 8 oz. can of Italian cut green beans (Allens brand if you can find it)

1 C bacon bits, chopped ham, or salt pork to desired taste

1 T butter


Drain water from can, rinse beans with tap water twice. Cook beans with water slowly until water is gone.


Thanks Misty Valdez & Ann Brock.