1997 ~ September 12, 2009

                                    Owner - Sharon Jepson

I knew the first time I saw “Jo” he was special and was thrilled when just 2 years later he became available for purchase. His owner had decided to go to vet school and knew that she wouldn’t be able to spend time with him during her studies. Once she offered him to me, there was no question that he would be coming to my barn.


Jo was one of the most laid-back, calm and friendly horse I’d ever seen. He could be in the middle of eating and would stop to come and visit me at the fence. And while he was 2nd man on the totem pole, in my barn to a big Appaloosa, Merlin, they were buddies running and playing together. His one vice was that he didn’t like one of my dogs. And should that dog ever venture into the pasture Jo would literally stalk him until he ran Sarge under the gate. On the other hand, he made friends with a big mixed breed dog and would not only allow Buck to lay in his stall with him but would lick his nose!


In 2008 Jo & I made the trip to Fort Robinson, Nebraska for the APHA trail ride and had a great time so we decided to make the trip again this year. It was even better! The weather was perfect and the rides were amazing. We left Fort Rob on Saturday, September 12th and headed home to Missouri. Arriving at my brother’s place, after an uneventful trip, Jo and I bedded down for a few hours. The next morning Jo and I headed the extra 35 miles home. Somewhere along the way something went terribly wrong and when I unloaded Jo I knew that we were in trouble. Long story, short – Jo suffered a severe colic and had to be euthanized later that day on September 13th, 2009. A day I’ll never forget.


At just 12 years of age and having owned him for a mere 6 ˝ years Jo was lost way too soon. He was a better horse than I deserved and he is missed every single day!



Bridle Hanging on the Wall


There's a bridle hanging on the wall
There's a saddle in an empty stall
You ask me why the teardrops fall
It's that bridle hanging on the wall

There's a horseshoe nailed above the door
It's the shoe that my old pony wore
A faded blanket in the hall
And his bridle hanging on the wall

With that ‘ol pony as my guide
We used to ride down the trail
Watching as the moon swing low
But now that faithful friend
Has reached the end of that trail
And, he's gone wherever good ponies always go

Now his bridle's hanging on the wall
And his saddle's in the empty stall
No more he'll answer to my call
For his bridle's hanging on the wall