by Redhorse 

      Bryan & Misty Valdez, Kim Kaminski, Michelle Ellis, Linda Deas and the writer gathered at the Grasslands after Christmas Day and stayed through the first week in January 2014.  The weather was bouncing between 19 and 50 degrees and the wind ranged between calm and blustery. Naturally, on the nicer days we packed lunches and found secluded places to eat during our rides.  Discovering new and lost trails kept the ride exciting.  When the weather wasn't rideable, we'd set up the Mexican Train in Redhorse's Hilton and snack like we were in a college dorm! Fun!

       Every weekend in January, we met back at the LBJ Grasslands to ride thanks to Mother Nature's weather!  February had an abundance of "winter mix" and stockshows so the riding opportunities were gone. This writer stepped in some "winter mix" and had a mad tailbone for 6 weeks, but that didn't stop the camping and riding of the others. The pictures below are from these riding and camping days.

        We ate a few times at the Greenwood Grocery & Grill and enjoyed the live music; we ate at the Cow Camp Steakhouse on New Year's Eve and it's closed now (we had nothing to do with that!); and we ventured to Mom's on Main in Aubrey too! We don't let miles stand in the way of good food! 





We rode the new bridge near the Royal Gorge on January 19, 2014. It was almost a year from the date it was announced.  We ran into the great folks installing the bridge about 10 days before that. 


Misty and Redhorse walked several days and picked up trash (beer & soda cans and bottles, water bottles, men's underwear, etc.) PLEASE DON'T THROW TRASH DOWN? YOU PACKED IT IN, PACK IT OUT.  IF YOU SEE SOMEONE THROWING TRASH, SCOLD THEM!  IF YOU IGNORE IT, THE NATIONAL FORESTS & PARKS WILL IGNORE US WHEN THEY CLOSE!


On the calendar we have rides coming up at PALO PINTO STATE PARK near Strawn, Texas, a BENEFIT TRAILRIDE AT BRONTE, TEXAS for the Cavalry based at FORT CHADBOURNE and a long visit to BATTLE PARK in the BIG HORN MOUNTAINS of WYOMING.